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Tinted car windows certainly make a statement. But there's more to tinted windows than just good looks.

Did you know that car window tinting can keep your car cool and protect your belongings? At SML Window Tint, we want your car to get all the benefits of car window tinting in Denton, TX.
Advantages of Tint

Besides looking attractive, window tinting also protects you by blocking harsh thermal rays. Since the temperature in Denton, TX can reach 96 degrees, it's important to protect yourself from the sun while you drive.

Because tinted windows block the sun's thermal rays, they also help your car stay cooler. Generally, tinted windows can block about 40% of the sun's heat. This helps you stay cool without having to max out your air conditioning.

Tinted windows also help you protect the interior of your car. With reduced solar glare from your new anti-fade auto window tint, your car's seats won't fade as quickly.

Many people also appreciate that tinted windows reduce the glare of street lights and car lights, making it easier to drive at night.

Plus, window tint protects the belongings inside your car, since potential thieves can't see inside. And window tint strengthens tempered glass and helps it resist shattering in the event of an accident.

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Unlike other auto service centers that push you to purchase several services, SML Window Tint focuses exclusively on window tinting. Because we're so experienced in installing window tinting, you can feel confident that we'll give you the best work. We also work quickly and can complete your window tinting in about an hour.

We've served Denton, TX customers from our Lewisville, TX location since 1986. We're open six days a week to serve you. Call us today for an appointment at (972) 221-0148.

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