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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do all tints fade?

Some auto window tinting companies will tell you that all tints fade, and this is to conceal the fact that they do not offer a fade warranty on their products. Through SML Window Tint, however, you will receive a written guarantee against color changes and fading for our Madico™, Llumar® and Wincos® products.

Do all tints bubble?

An auto tint bubble is a common occurrence, and all auto window tint will eventually develop a bubble or two. The intensity of the sun will eventually cause window tinting to fail, but with quality car window tinting, you can expect the tint to last up to 10 years. A smart idea is to ensure that you get a warranty on auto tinting for as long as you plan to own the vehicle. Auto tint warranties are nationwide, so they will remain in place if you move.

Will using my defroster cause my tint to bubble?

Some worry that their window tint will bubble due to the use of the defroster. When a tint does bubble on the back window, typically it is because the glass of the back window receives more sun exposure than other windows. Bubbling is related to sun exposure rather than to the use of the defroster.

Are all tints the same?

Auto tint darkness can vary from brand to brand, and there are different qualities. When you choose a car window tint, look for auto tinting with a nationwide lifetime warranty. This will protect you even if the tinting shop you got your tint from closes.

Can I use Windex® to clean my car window tint?

Cleaning your tint with Windex is acceptable, but wipe it off and dry it immediately.

How dark can auto tinting be?

Texas state law indicates that vehicles can only have 35 percent shade on the front and back door windows. A car's back glass can be any shade. In addition, a darker strip of glass that is less than 5 inches or above the “AS1” line can be on the top of the front window. If you need more information about auto tinting laws, visit

Which tint is best for my vehicle?

There are some high-quality brands that you may consider, such as Llumar®, Madico™ and Wincos®. These companies offer a lifetime nationwide warranty, and the tints will not fade or bubble. While there are cheaper tints available, generally you will get what you pay for with window tint.

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